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Use of RC-Frequencies not permitted in Germany

The German authority for frequency regulations (RegTP) has tightened up the Laws for the use of RC-channels in the frequency bands of 30, 35, 41 and 72 MHz for model boats significantly.

In the previous years the SMC Stuttgart e.V. took over all the fees for temporary limitted permissions.
However, the fees were drastically increased this year. There is now a base fee of 130,00 and an additional amount of 50,00 for each channel not permitted by the RegTP.

We therefore had to change several competitors to a frequency which is allowed by the RegTP in Germany for Model-Boats in the 27 or 40 MHz and 2,4 GHz DSM.

Please note that the Invitation showed the mandatory use of legal frequencies.

The SMC Stuttgart let you know that the use of illegal frequencies is a crime and can lead into a fine and possible legal Investigations

In order to avoid legal issues and additional cost for the competitors for the short-term permission of the illegal frequencies, we selected legal frequencies for their participation. Those competitors will be informed about the change within the confirmation letter which will they will receive in the next days. They are requested to change to the legal frequencies.

We apologize that we have to inform the competitors on such a short notice about these new obligations but we consider that they will understand our measures for this.

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